My Fit Lunchbox Terms & Conditions


We use E-Way as our payment gateway. We accept Visa & Mastercard credit and debit cards, as well as Paypal. Your order will be processed as soon as we have received confirmation of full payment.

All money is in AUD (Australian Dollars)

Cancellation policy

Please note: We place orders for your ingredients as soon as we receive confirmation of payment. We require notice of cancellation by 5pm Thursday the week prior to your next scheduled delivery date.

Refund policy

We strive for total customer satisfaction. We provide refunds on a case by case basis. Please use our contact form within 24 hours of your scheduled delivery if you encounter any issues with your meals. If you do not get in touch with us within this timeframe we may not be able to refund the item or replace it as it will be deemed as you having accepted your delivery for that day.


There are no lock in contracts when placing orders with MFL. You are welcome to select an ongoing option where you will be charged weekly via the payment method you have selected. The following opt in and opt out information applies:

  • If you have opted in to receive ongoing orders, we will send SMS and email notification that your menu is due for updating for that week. If your next week’s menu preferences are not received by 5pm Thursday, we will send you the exact same menu items from your previous order.
  • If you would like to opt out you may do so by sending us an email via our customer contact form. For any amendments or cancellations, we will need to be notified by 5pm Thursday to amend or cancel your purchase for the following week.


When registering with My Fit Lunchbox you will receive a customer account which you can login to anytime you please. Your customer account allows you to:

  • View order history
  • View and update upcoming orders
  • View and update nominated delivery details
  • View and update your current contact or personal details within our database


Allergies and dietary preferences

We list on our menu whether our meals are gluten free, dairy free, low carbohydrate or vegetarian. If you have any concerns regarding the ingredients in our meals please don’t hesitate to contact us directly using our contact form. Our recipes do not allow for interchanging or removing ingredients. Please note that in our kitchen we use eggs, seafood, all nuts, sesame seeds, some gluten containing foods and so we can’t guarantee total absence of these.

Menu updates

We will continually expand our menu to include new menu items for our customers. We update our menu aligned with what is in season and as per demand. We reserve the right to remove or add any menu item at our discretion.


We use fresh, natural wholefoods in our cooking, with the highest nutritional value. We do not add white sugar, white flour, animal fats, trans fats or preservatives into our meals. From time to time we use condiments which may contain these ingredients, but very minimally and we strive for our condiments to be healthiest versions that we can find. If you have any queries regarding our ingredients please contact us using our contact form.


When you place your order you are prompted to select a delivery date. Your orders will start from the date you have selected. Our packages delivery dates can only start on Monday’s.

Fresh delivery to your home or work place on selected days to the people of Perth.

Upon placing your order, you will be required to complete details of delivery including how we access your building and where to leave your meal

If your building is secure access, please notify us as soon as possible. We will contact you directly to make arrangements.

If there are any changes to your delivery address or where to leave your order, you must notify us as soon as possible. We do not provide refunds if you have neglected to notify us of the change prior to delivery and you do not receive your order.

Please provide an Esky cooler as the container for your delivered food. You will need to leave this out for us in the same nominated spot each day for us to easily refill.

Once you have received your order, please transfer your meal to a fridge immediately.

We deliver to homes as well as workplaces, as long as they are within our nominated delivery areas. We still only deliver between 8am-12pm at this stage, so you will need to be available to transfer your meals from your cooler bag to your fridge as soon as you receive your delivery.

All heating, keep times & storage instructions come with your delivery.

Delivery areas

Please use the postcode checker to see whether we deliver to your area. We currently only deliver to Perth CBD and surrounding suburbs in Western Australia.


All content within the My Fit Lunchbox website is not to be duplicated.

Corporate discounts

We have separate terms and conditions for our Corporate Accounts – please contact us directly for any queries.